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The Version The List of Changes

    BASIC module:

  1. Data verification has been improved of the swivel cap (moved to the dialog);
  2. Data verification has been added: adjacent elements must be cylindrical shells when calculating the cone according to EN;
  3. The calculation of the effective diameter of the conical shell by the formula (108) of GOST 34233.2 is refined;
  4. The error with the applying of pressure to adjacent elements behind the elliptical plate has been fixed;
  5. The strength criterion has been corrected in the calculation of the expansion bellows, now 2[σ] instead of 2,5[σ];
  6. The check of application range has been improved for conical bottoms with GOST 34347 p. 3.2.9.

  8. The error has been fixed when thickness allowances c2, c3 in the transition shell of the heat exchanger reseted to 0 after calculation;
  9. The algorithm for calculating the plug of the convex cover of the floating head has been changed (for the butt-welding flange, for the bottom with a short bevel);
  10. "PASSAT-SEISMIC" module:

  11. The error has been fixed for calculating the vertical vessels when the support loads were determined excessively;
  12. The error has been fixed when the graph names are not visible on the diagrams in the seismic of vertical vessels;

  14. The negative tolerance was added in calculations according ASME SA480, ASME BPVC.II.A [unavailable for automatic updates];
  15. The error has been fixed when the choice of standard flanges for tube sheets did not work in calculating heat exchangers according to ASME;

    BASIC module:

  1. Fixed calculation of ring support gussets (My);
  2. Improved calculation of supporting lugs on the shell: Output of obtained loads is performed even in case of violation of the procedure limits.
  3. Fixed a problem with program failure, while attempting to calculate bolts at high temperature;
  4. Fixed a problem with excessive calculation of spectacle blinds;
  5. Rendering of conical head without stiffening failed in mode OpenGL. Fixed.
  6. When checking the edge zone of the detachable head (s3), there is no need to take into account the allowance. Fixed;
  7. In some cases, when saving a model, material of washers and dividers was lost. Fixed.
  8. Fixed model rebuilding, when switching group of rings "Inside>Outside”.
  9. Fixed check for i. 3.2.9 , GOST -34347-2017;

  11. Improved check of placement of dividers in the shell-side;
  12. Improved checking algorithm of input data for some floating heads;
  13. In some cases, option "Equal tightening” was not displayed in tube sheet parameters. Fixed;
  14. Fixed an error in determining of the worst combination of pressures in new types of floating heads;
  15. "PASSAT-TANKS" module:

  16. Fixed calculation of hydrostatic pressure in test mode;
  17. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  18. In general data window, seismicity cell was hidden. Fixed.

  20. In standard materials database, properties of some steels were not found. Fixed;
  21. In flanges with a slope of 1:2.5 there was no cylindrical section in the database. Added [not available during automatic update];
  22. Fixed an error in selection of necks as per GOST 13716-2017 [not available during automatic update];
  1. Option “Swivel blind” in the flange joint is added with the calculation of the clamped flat head;
  2. Calculation of rigid connection for strength/stability due to axial load is added;
  3. New components are added:
    • Bellows expansion joint;
    • Bracket supports for horizontal vessels;
    • Rigid structure;
    • Nozzle in the floating head of the heat exchanger;
    • Service platforms for horizontal vessels;
    • Virtual bulk;
    • The calculation of shells due to saddles and bracket supports as per EN 13445-3.


  4. Undo/Redo commands are designed as a drop-down list with explanations;
  5. Option “No model rebuild” is added;
  6. Button to display of service platforms is added;
  7. Ability to select several components in the list for deletion at once is added;
  8. Program behavior when viewing material properties without changing it, is fixed;
  9. Option to specify the outside diameter for some components (cylindrical shell, fitting) is added;
  10. BASIC module:

  11. Asymmetrical saddle support configurations with 4 and 5 stiffening ribs is added;
  12. Option to specify saddles with inclined ribs is added;
  13. For flat conical head, the option “No reinforcement” configuration is added;
  14. Option “Subtract static head” in calculating test pressure is added;
  15. Option “Offset” for the nozzle in conical transition is added;
  16. Calculation of surface areas of components is added;
  17. Ability to convert a file from PASSAT format to XML format in silent mode is added;
  18. Stiffness calculation of the combined flange joint is fixed;
  19. Calculation of the flange joint elements temperature in the “Auto” mode is corrected;
  20. Multiple openings calculation as per EN 13445-3 is added;
  21. Bugs and misprints are fixed in the calculation of conical transition connection as per ASME div.II;
  22. Solid model generation of conical transition to a small diameter is improved;
  23. Check of r < sp when calculating the nozzle is added;
  24. Calculation of loads on the vertical vessel foundation is added;
  25. Groove depth (s2’) in detachable flat covers is added;
  26. Additional checks according to GOST 34347-2017 are added.
  27. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  28. Calculation engine of the column vessels is improved: it is now possible to plot the joint diagrams “Load + Wind”, “Load + Seismic” in two planes, taking into account the signs, as well as determine the reactions of fixings in different design cases;
  29. Option “Conical transitional skirt section” is added;
  30. Calculation of wind and seismic loads according to GOST 24756-81 is added.

  32. Various options for floating head configurations are added:
    • Welded (with elliptical / torus head);
    • Flanged (integral weld neck/slip on) and detachable (elliptical, spherical);
    • Clamped flanged (integral weld neck/slip on).
  33. Air-cooled heat exchanger tubesheet designer is added;
  34. Check of the baffles as per GOST 31842 table 2 is added;
  35. Option “Tubesheet calculation pressure” is added;
  36. Calculation of the floating tubesheet thickness is added;
  37. Option “Plugs presence” in air-cooled heat exchanger chamber is added;
  38. The note in accordance with GOST 34233.7 p. 6.3.6 is added;
  39. Modelling of the tube-side separation walls is added;
  40. Ability to apply loads to the heat exchanger casing is added;
  41. Ability to connect the support to the U-tube heat exchanger transition shell is added.
  42. "PASSAT-TANK" module:

  43. Materials database is merged with a common library on the basis of sheet workpiece.

  45. Calculation of allowable stresses for materials according to GOST, ASME div. I, ASME div. II, EN is significantly modified:
    • Option “High stress“ for stress evaluation by ASME is added;
    • Option Class I/ Class II (ASME) is added;
    • Calculation of the allowable stresses is made differently depending on the calculation code and the material code (material according to GOST / ASME div.I / ASME div.II / EN / User defined; calculation according to GOST / ASME div.I / ASME div.II / EN );
    • Accounting for creep in different ways in different design codes is implemented.
  46. Option to customize the location of a network database with user materials is added, including synchronization and access control;
  47. Materials as per EN 10095, EN 10302 are added;
  48. Flanges as per ĂÎŃÒ 33259 with a slope of 1:2.5 are added;
  49. Materials as per EN 10253-2-2007 are added;
  50. Bends as per large number of codes are added;
  51. Bolt groove diameter selection, on the outside thread diameter with different pitch, according to GOST 24705, is added ;
  52. Text descriptions of standard sections in database are replaced with symbols;
  53. Thermally expanded graphite gasket database is updated;
  54. Bellows expansion joints according to OST 26-01-1505-76 are added.

    BASIC module:

  1. When calculating the beaded nozzle when r < sp, an error occurs. We have fixed it;
  2. We corrected the checking of the nozzle located on the conical head in Cartesian coordinates;
  3. In the dialog of the U-jacket, the spiral pitch cell (ts) was not visible. We have fixed it;

  5. The effective gasket width (Air Cooler) for the old code (RTM, when bp> 15mm) was considered incorrect. We have corrected it;
  6. Calculation of Air Cooler with a very large tubes number (> 7000) was crashed. We have fixed it.

    BASIC module:

  1. We have fixed the output of the nozzle diameter d0 in the nozzles table;
  2. The material properties of the saddle support were taken at 20° C, it is more correct to take at the calculation temperature. We have fixed it;
  3. We clarified the calculation of the high-pressure nozzle (medium input with continuous penetration);

  5. We have fixed a problem with the crash when creating a heat exchanger as per ASME;
  6. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  7. We have fixed the filling calculation of the vertical tank nozzles;

    BASIC module:

  1. We clarified the calculation of the reverse flanges gasket parameters;
  2. Tubular supports-legs were not considered for stability under the test conditions. Fixed;
  3. Algorithm for calculating the load in the detachable covers was modified;
  4. We have fixed a problem with the calculation of allowable stresses for nickel alloys (in some cases there was a division by zero);
  5. We have fixed problem with displaying a blank page of problem components;
  6. 6. We have fixed a number of typos and inaccuracies in the calculations of the heads as per ASME;

  8. We have fixed a problem with the crash when creating a heat exchanger as per ASME;
  9. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  10. Calculation for wind resonance under testing was removed, under assembling it was added;
  11. We have specified an algorithm for calculation of critical wind speed in resonance conditions;

    BASIC module:

  1. Fixed a problem due to which in some cases it was not possible to specify nozzle on a conical head in the polar coordinate system;
  2. The name of the parameter d0 in the nozzle is aligned with GOST;
  3. The parameter d0 in the nozzle at the external pressure was considered incorrect, fixed;

  5. Graphical artifacts fixed when drawing some types of floating heads;
  6. Some typos fixed in the calculation of fixed tubesheets;
  7. DB of materials and standard components:

  8. Database crash fixed when trying to select a combined flange (ring + weld neck).

    BASIC module:

  1. GOST for wind loads was not included in the list of references. Fixed;
  2. In calculation per ASME div.II, the calculation of allowable stresses during testing was fixed (0.95·Sy or 0.8·Sy);
  3. We have fixed an error of release in determining of calculation thickness of the nozzle’s wall (double allowance);
  4. We have corrected misprints in calculation of detachable flat cover with holes;
  5. We have fixed a bug in creation of the table of cavities, connected with the helical coil;

  7. In sheets, during automatic placement of tubes in cells of 60°, the angle was not maintained accurately. Fixed;
  8. We have improved an algorithm for creation of separating walls with a very large number of tubes (earlier it could lead to a program failure due to shortage of memory);
  9. We have fixed a problem with assigning of ACU tube bundles;
  10. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  11. We have specified an algorithm for calculation of critical wind speed in resonance conditions;
  12. In some cases, not maximum loads were transferred to the calculation of the support skirt and to the foundation. Fixed;

  14. In some cases, loads on vertical vessel supports in seismic conditions have been applied to the operating conditions. Fixed.


  1. We have fixed a problem with assigning of ACU tube bundles.

    BASIC module:

  1. An element “Fixation” generated for seismic conditions a message “File not found". Fixed;
  2. We have added an allowance for external loads in detachable covers;
  3. In calculation results, the calculation thickness of nozzles is indicated without allowance, while the one is displayed in the table. Fixed;
  4. We have fixed a calculation of filling elements connected to the inside part of set-through nozzle;

  6. We have fixed a problem concerning seismic calculation error in some models, that appeared in version;
  7. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  8. We have fixed a problem concerning application of wing loads placed below ground level (#IND in the report);

  10. We have added a thickness check for tube sheet hp-cps-cpp>0.

    BASIC module:

  1. Calculation of nozzles as per EN 13445-3 is added;
  2. Rendering of saddle support as per ASME is corrected;
  3. We have specified calculation of some parameters of the hole reinforcement as per ASME-1 (UG-37);
  4. We have added control of thickness for adjacent shell for flange, adjacent conical transition;
  5. We have added an output of rigid connection loads in any case, even if the rod is not calculated;
  6. We have corrected pictures of landing pads in the report;

  8. Misprints in the dialogue of ACU tube bundle are now corrected;

  10. Seismic calculation of heat exchanger with empty tube section was performed incorrectly. Fixed.
  11. Standard element and material database:

  12. In English version of standard element database, some Russian texts remained. Fixed.

    BASIC module:

  1. We have fixed a bug, because of which some English PCs displayed a message “Unable to save the file”;
  2. For lining, option "Presents in assembling conditions” has been added;
  3. We have debugged a calculation of shells as per ASME VIII-2, taking into consideration all changes in version of 2017;
  4. We have specified an algorithm for calculation of nozzles according to ASME VIII-1;
  5. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  6. In the skirt support dialog, we have added a cell with calculated distance from the head edge;

  8. When calculation ACU split chamber, thickness s6 was taken with allowances c1+c2+c3. Fixed.
  9. We have fixed a number of misprints in the reports for heat exchanger;
  10. We have changed limitation for thickness of separating wall of the shell and tube heat exchanger: now it can be more than groove width;
  11. We have deleted an excessive calculation of separating wall in test conditions;
  12. We have added an automatic calculation of test pressure, when calculating plugs;
  13. Standard material database:

  14. We have fixed a problem with limit of long-term strength of user materials of bolts;

    BASIC module:

  1. We have fixed a problem with displaying of some nozzles on the conical head;
  2. We have fixed problems with the dialog of welds of high pressure elements;
  3. We have added variants of connection of conical transition as per GOST 34233.2, fig. 29;
  4. Check as per i., GOST 34233.3 has been added;
  5. Check of foundry radius for high pressure tie-ins is reworked;
  6. We have added buttons for selection of negative allowances for flat and conical heads, conical transitions;
  7. Now it is possible to specify material of skid board for saddle supports;
  8. We have eliminated a restriction on export of beaded tie-ins to Nozzle-FEM;
  9. With some combinations of data, «File not found” message has been displayed. Fixed;
  10. We have fixed an insignificant error in calculation of B2 coefficient for conical transitions;
  11. We have reworked an allowance for the axial force in a strength criterion for cylindrical and conical shells;
  12. We have fixed a problem with U-jacket, which in some cases led to the loss of solution stability;
  13. We have fixed a number of errors and misprints in the calculation of elements as per ASME I, II;
  14. At calculation of allowable membrane, bending and total stresses for flanges, we have added an allowance for a possibility of creep;
  15. Gravity centres of flange fittings were defined incorrectly. Fixed.
  16. We have fixed misprints in RTF report (blanks were missed);
  17. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  18. We have fixed problems with rendering of nozzles on the supporting shell;
  19. Anchor bolt corrosion has been added;

  21. For service platforms, we have added check Ga ≥ Gs;
  22. We have fixed check of welds in tie-ins of the chambers;
  23. We have fixed errors in calculation of cut-ins into ACU cylindrical chambers;
  24. Standard material database:

  25. We have added nonferrous alloy gradation (copper/aluminum);
  26. We have added an allowance for safety factor nT=1.3 for austenitic steels as per ASME;
  27. We have shared the tables of allowable stresses as per the Russian and foreign documents; now the stress table is used only when calculating based on the appropriate code. For foreign documents, major priority is given to a value from the table; for the Russian documents — value obtained from the mechanical data;
  28. We have debugged a calculation of allowable stresses as per GOST — table value is of a higher priority now;
  29. We have added materials as per RD-26-01-28-86 (in test mode);

    BASIC module:

  1. In some cases, a nozzle on the conical transition was drawn up incorrectly. Fixed;
  2. Landing pads in the model were set on the upper edge of the sheet, but they should have been set on the lower edge. Fixed;
  3. Calculation of saddle supports has been improved, taking into consideration the reactions from the fixation side;
  4. Calculation fail for vertical supports is fixed;

  6. Separating wall of the heat exchanger was not considered in the bill of materials. Fixed;
  7. The tubes were removed from ACU (air cooling unit) test pressure calculation (the word "shell-and-tube" in GOST was recognized as incorrect);
  8. In the heat exchanger calculation as per ASME, a tube sheet diameter was taken wrongly in some cases. Fixed;
  9. We have added building of separating walls and allowance for them in the tube side, as well as allowance for tube and shell intersections;
  10. In some cases, tube and shell-side pressures were equated. Fixed.
  11. "PASSAT-TANKS" module:

  12. Selection of insulation in the tanks was inactive. Fixed;
  13. In the calculation of nozzle in the VST (vertical steel tank) wall, coefficient K1 was taken equal to 0. Fixed.

    BASIC module:

  1. Allowance for friction in sliding supports is added to the calculation core;
  2. Calculation of saddle supports with allowance for friction have been debugged;
  3. We have fixed a program fault, when editing sprung structures in the rings of the saddle support;
  4. We have fixed a bug in generation of the report of the nozzle placed on the conical head;
  5. In some cases, after calculation, option "Low-cycle strength" might have disappeared. Fixed;
  6. When determining a category as per TR CU, the filled volume, not the total one, was taken. Fixed;
  7. We have added a separate determination of category as per TR CU, for vessel cavities, with creation of the table;
  8. Calculation of filling of U-shaped jacket has been fixed;
  9. When selecting standard heads in U-shaped jackets, the height and thickness of the head were not changed. Fixed;
  10. We have fixed a misprint during generation of RTF-report on the hole reinforcement calculation;
  11. We have fixed a misprint in the name of STO SA (ŃÒÎ ŃÀ) 03-003-2010;
  12. We have fived an error in calculation of bends as per GOST 34233.2-2017;
  13. Insulation with specified weight generated a zero density in the report. Fixed;
  14. Checking the applicability of the nozzle calculation as per WRC-537 interrupts the entire calculation/ Fixed;
  15. We have fixed formation of the nozzle on the detachable spherical cover;
  16. We have removed warning Xh for flanges as per ASME div.2;
  17. We have specified calculation of properties of the equal angle's cross-section;
  18. We have fixed a bug in the algorithm, due to which at temperatures above the limit of applicability, properties of materials essential for 20 degrees could be generated;
  19. We have fived a bug in the algorithm for calculation of heads as per ASME div.2;

  21. We have added a button for selection of the negative allowances on the bottom of the floating head;
  22. In some cases, when opening the old file with U-shaped heat exchanger, the pipes were not properly rebuilt. Fixed;

  24. We have improved formation of tables and diagrams of loads;
  25. We have added building of loading diagrams for vertical vessels;
  26. We have added calculation of leg supports on the shell with allowance for seismic;
  27. "PASSAT-TANKS" module:

  28. We have fixed a bug in calculation of the tank filling.

    BASIC module:

  1. Flanges as per ÀÒÊ 26-18-13for corrosive media have been added to the database;
  2. Materials of anchor bolts as per GOST R 1050-2013 are added;
  3. We have fixed formation of the flange plates with rearranged sealing surfaces of “mortise and tenon” type;
  4. We have corrected output of flange checkups (corrosion allowance have been added);
  5. With a certain combination of data, the thickness of the ellipsoidal transition was changed after calculation. Fixed;
  6. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  7. Calculation of the weld of skirts is brought into compliance with the new GOST edition (dimensions a1, a2 have been added);
  8. In estimating of the cone strength in combination with the support skirt, the diameter of the design cross-section was unsuccessfully chosen, which led to an excessively conservative estimate. Fixed;
  9. Material properties of the support skirt nozzles have been taken at the head temperature (it does not affect the calculation). Fixed;
  10. Brief reports now include pictures of loads on the nozzles;

  12. We have fixed the definition of horizontal axial reactions of the vessel on the saddle supports.

    BASIC module:

  1. In some cases, the child elements were moved to the origin. Corrected;
  2. Redesigned pictures of external loads on the elements;
  3. Added output to the ratio report ? when calculating castings in a corrosive environment;
  4. For the tongue-groove type flange connection, the thickness of the plates were incorrectly transmitted to the report. Corrected;
  5. Fixed missing spaces in some parts of the report;
  6. The gradient color bar is removed in the design of the frame of the table of contents;
  7. Fixed a number of errors and inaccuracies in the determination of stresses in anchor bolts of vertical vessels supports;
  8. "PASS/EQUIP-COLUMNS" module:

  9. In some cases, the calculation of wind loads generated an error. Corrected;
  10. Additional calculation of skirt supports are recognized as redundant and was deleted;
  11. Added check of weld strength according to i.8.7 GOST 34233.9-2017;

  13. Fixed creation of the heat exchangers cavities table;
  14. "PASS/EQUIP-SEISMIC" module:

  15. The definition of the conditional vessel parameters when calculating the seismic of the heat exchanger with partial filling is corrected;

    BASIC module:

  1. Added consideration of the limit temperature corrosion activity GOST 34233.10-2017;
  2. Materials are added to the database: steel 09Ă2Ń KP 245 according to GOST 8479, steel 20 KP 175, KP 195, KP 215 according to GOST 8479, steel 10Ă2 KP 215 GOST 8479, KP 245 GOST 4543, KP 265 GOST 8731, KP 245 GOST 8733;
  3. Fixed construction of conical transition and bottom fillet;
  4. Fixed the placement of elements on the fittings of the coils;
  5. Added accounting notes 2 table. 1 GOST 34233.3-2017;
  6. Added ability to attach bosses to U-shaped and cylindrical shirts;
  7. Checks of the applicability conditions of the various sections of ASME VIII div have been modified.1 in the calculation of the holes reinforcement;
  8. "PASS/EQUIP-COLUMNS" module:

  9. Modified calculation of the column shells and supports according to GOST 34233.9-2017;

  11. Fixed partition of the initial data in the Air-cooling HE nozzles;
  12. Fixed the construction of the tube bundles, tilted at 45O;
  13. "PASS/EQUIP-TANKS" module:

  14. Fixed bug in check: vacuum should not exceed 0,5 kPa, not 5 kPa.

    Main innovation:

  1. Implemented codes GOST 34233.1-2017…GOST 34233.12-2017, GOST 34283-2017:
    • Changes and additions of the GOST 34233 are considered in comparison with GOST R 52857 1…12;
    • Calculation of seismic and wind loads according to GOST 34283-2017 is implemented;
    • Added calculation of bends from external loads according to GOST 34233.2;
  2. New items are added:
    • Vessel assembly;
    • Rigid link;
    • Nozzle for the air cooler chamber (including junctions with the side walls of the welded chambers).
  3. BASIC module:

  4. Added checking of the location of the nozzle on the torospherical bottom (i. 5.1.3 GOST 34233.3–2017).
  5. In the database of standard elements added OST 26-01-1298-81 (flanges made of titanium), BS EN 10029-91 (tolerances for hot-rolled sheets).
  6. Added the ability to place the nozzle on the conical bottom in the polar coordinate system.
  7. Added material search by Type/Grade.
  8. The table of calculation of filling is expanded: the summary column with total volume of a vessel and weight of a product is added, the calculation of volume and weight of a product on cavities is added.
  9. In the dialogue of the U-shaped shirt, added buttons for selecting the standard bottom, shell, negative tolerances.
  10. Adjusted the calculation of allowable stresses in the calculation of nozzles and connections for WRC-537.
  11. When calculating the trunnions of the axles is eliminated verification of mutual influence, the arrow of the loads is made sensitive to the sign of the forces.

  13. Implemented the ability to set the Air-cooled HE cameras independently.
  14. Added the ability to attach child elements to the nozzles of the cameras.
  15. "PASS/EQUIP-SEISMIC" module:

  16. Calculation of seismic loads according to GOST R 55722-2013 has been added.
  17. The algorithm of calculation of the conventional diameter of the equivalent vertical vessel is changed.

    BASIC module:

  1. Unable to check thickness of welded beading, model building was not always correct. Fixed.
  2. We have fixed an error in data checking of the flat detachable cover by ASME.
  3. Design pressure of conical head is now available in the brief report.
  4. We have fixed problems, when placing the nozzle on a spherical detachable cover.
  5. We have fixed a bug, due to which an increment “c” was not considered in some formulas of flange stresses.

  7. In floating heads there are no buttons "Dimensions as per GOST" for flanges and gaskets (English interface). Fixed.
  8. We have added output of pressure calculation of the bellows located on the expander.
  9. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  10. A misprint in calculation of supporting assembly (concrete compression stress concrete, factor 2 instead of 3). Fixed.
  11. "PASSAT-TANKS" module:

  12. We have fixed a problem with generation of the tank brief report.

    BASIC module:

  1. In calculation of stresses of an asymmetric flange with inverted contact surfaces, a bug has been fixed.
  2. We have corrected a misprint in low-cycle strength calculation of the flat cover.
  3. The English text was displayed in the header of the toroidal head calculation as per EN 13445. Fixed.
  4. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  5. Calculation of column in assembling conditions (when selecting calculation of the elements as per EN 13445 was not performed. Fixed.
  6. "PASSAT-TANKS" module:

  7. We have fixed a failure, when selecting materials of RVS wall.

    MAIN new features:

  1. For vertical and horizontal vessels, columns and tanks, a seismic calculation as per AzDTN 2.3-1 (Azerbaijan) has been added;
  2. We have adjusted selection of thermal insulation via calculation module of the "Insulation" program developed by NTP Truboprovod;
  3. Data on creep and long-term strength have been added to database.
  4. Calculation as per ASME VIII-II has been added for:
    • Dished bottoms;
    • Cylindrical shells;
    • Conical transitions with fixing nodes.
  5. Now it is possible to connect rings to conical transitions;
  6. A new element “Reverse flange” has been added;
  7. BASIC module:

  8. Database is now extended, the following codes have been implemented:
    • SP 41-103-2000 (thickness and density of thermal insulation);
    • GOST 19256-73, GOST 19258-73 (grooves of bolt bodies);
    • TR 5728-006-93978201-2008 meas.6 (gaskets PUTG), TR 728-013-93978201-2008 meas. 4 (gaskets PUTGm);
    • GOST 21945-76, GOST 22897-86, GOST 24890-81 (pipes made of titanium);
    • Selection of climatological data for human settlements has been added;
    • Materials as per EN 10088-1:2014 ... EN 10088-5: have been added;
    • Material as per ST TsKBA (Central Design Bureau Standard, CDBA) 005.2-2004 have been added;
    • When selecting nozzles as per OST 26-2010-83, some of the shell standard sizes were missing; fixed.
  9. We have added test pressure calculation as per ASME VIII-I UG-99(b), UG-99(b)36, UG-99(c), UG-100, PED 2014/68/EU[7.4];
  10. View of list of contents of the report is now improved, and an interactive tree is added now.
  11. Output of loads on the foundation of the horizontal vessel under seismic conditions has been added;
  12. We have added calculation of load from thermal deformations for high-pressure flat covers as per RD 26-01-168-88;
  13. We have added output of information on properties of the vessel cavities (if several);
  14. We have added option "Editing thermal insulation list";
  15. Filling accuracy calculation parameter has been added;
  16. We have added to the report a notification, whether the loads were applied to the nozzle as the external ones;
  17. Formula for calculation width of gasket b0 in ASME-I and ASME-II varies slightly; now it is indicated in the report;
  18. Flange option "Flip surfaces" can change the plate thickness, but it was not considered in the calculation. Fixed.

  20. We have fixed formation of the tube sheet clamped between flanges, when using 8-faced sealing rings;
  21. When connecting a conical transition to the shell of a heat exchanger with U-shaped tubes, thickness of the adjacent element was calculated incorrectly; fixed.
  22. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  23. For service platform, we have added a new option, “Absolute load from material” (if platform weight is known);

    BASIC module:

  1. For nozzles on dished heads, calculation of stresses in the tube as per WRC 297 is made incorrectly. Fixed.
  2. We have corrected the condition of applicability of GOST R 52857.3 (irrespective of presence of the ring, the distance to the tube shall be taken into consideration).
  3. We have fixed a program failure, when changing the model after creating of the report.
  4. We have fixed small errors in the calculation algorithm of the nozzle as per ASME VIII-1 UG-37.
  5. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  6. We have refined the calculation of the maximum moments from seismic loads for the column sections located below the support.

    BASIC module:

  1. For set-through nozzles, as per ASME at Lpr2=0, a check t> 0 is continued. Fixed.
  2. In the dialogs of the supports of vertical vessels, calculation diameter Dp was derived as the outside diameter of the shells. It is more correct to consider it as inside diameter; fixed.

  4. In some cases, parameters of the tube and shell sides were equated. Fixed.

    "PASSAT-TANKS" module:

  1. Item 7 of the previous update was found unsuccessful and has been cancelled;
  2. Snow loads on the tank have been brought into compliance with new edition of GOST R 20.13330-2016;
  3. In some cases, insulation on the roof was not displayed. Fixed.

    BASIC module:

  1. In the English version of detachable elliptic cover, a button “Flange as per codes” does not work. Fixed.
  2. When selecting material according to GOST 5520, some materials not matching by thickness are displayed in the list. Fixed.

  4. We have slightly improved the construction of cast covers of ACU.
  5. We have fixed a problem with temperatures at calculation of the temperature load Qt for a tube sheet of U-shaped heat exchanger.
  6. Rarely, when saving the heat exchanger, the pressures were taken the same for the tube and shell sides. Fixed.
  7. "PASSAT-TANKS" module:

  8. In some cases, when calculating the nozzle, hydrostatic pressure from filling was not considered. Fixed.
  9. When calculating as per GOST 31385-2016, calculation of minimum allowable wall thickness tpd is changed.
  10. When calculating wall strength, weight of the roof thermal insulation is now considered.

    BASIC module:

  1. We have fixed a model scaling to the screen size;
  2. We have added check of applicability of calculation procedure for landing pads (b3/Dp ratio);
  3. Calculation of saddle supports was not shown in the rtf-report. Fixed.
  4. We have fixed a problem with calculation of steep conical head (calculation of leaf node did not “see" hydrostatic pressure component).
  5. We have fixed rounding of values in the filling calculation table.
  6. Under certain conditions, a hole for a nozzle in the flat cover could not be created; fixed.

  8. We have fixed misprints in the English-language report of the floating head as per ASME.

    MAIN new features:

  1. Calculation of the following shell-and-tube heat exchangers according to ASME VIII-1, section UHX, has been added:
    • With fixed tube sheets;
    • With U-shaped tubes;
    • With floating heads (type A, as per fig UHX-14.1, submerged heads);
    • With expansion joins (EJ calculation has been implemented according to ASME VIII-1á MANDATORY APPENDIX 26);
  2. For vertical tanks, option "Calculation as per GOST 31385-2016 + STO-SA-03-002-200” has been added;
  3. For flange joints, option "Equal tightening" has been added, allowing a single (maximum) bolting load to be used for all flange operating conditions (assembly, operating conditions, testing);
  4. BASIC module:

  5. For flange joins, option "Rearrange” has been added for male-female rearranging;
  6. Materials as per GB 150.2 (China), EN 10269 (bolts) have been added to standard material database;
  7. When selecting a bolt material, templates "Bar" and "Rod" are now available;
  8. Now it is possible to connect elements to the inside part of set-through nozzles;
  9. Standard product base has been updated, and now it includes gaskets according to TR 5728-006-93978201-2008 (PUTG), TR 5728-013-93978201-2008 (PUTGm), OST 26.260.461-99, GOST R 53561-2009, pipes and negative allowances as per EN 10216-1;
  10. Multithreading of geometric kernel has been implemented as a tunable parameter, which allows eliminating errors in the construction in some cases.
  11. In the dialog of selection of standard detachable covers, selection of pipe parameters has been added (similarly to the flange);
  12. For materials as per EN, feature "Casting control" for calculation of factor ??has been added;
  13. For heat insulation, option "Presents in assembling conditions” has been added (now it can be switched off);
  14. Calculation of loads on the foundation for saddle supports has been added;
  15. For material 16GS at a temperature above 420 °C, a reduction factor hasn’t been taken into consideration for the service life up to 2x105 h; fixed;
  16. We have fixed a problem with selection of casting materials as per ASME (for some materials, the database threw an “error” message);
  17. We have changed calculation of allowable stresses as follows: Earlier, the table [?] had priority over {Re/nT; Rm/nB }; now both options are considered, and the minimum result is selected;
  18. We have fixed an error concerning joint selection of detachable covers with flanges in accordance with new GOSTs.

  20. Transitional shell is now implemented as option for all types of tube sheets;
  21. We have added a possibility to take into consideration the two-sided coating of tube sheets;
  22. We have added a possibility to install the second expander (collector) in the heat exchanger with fixed tube sheets;
  23. For heat exchangers of air cooling unit (ACU), when making test pressure calculations, pipe materials are now taken into consideration;
  24. For heat exchangers of air cooling unit (ACU), coating of walls of welded chambers is now taken into consideration;
  25. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  26. For service platform, now it is possible to specify material and weight of steel structures;
  27. Now you can place a skirt support on the end of the shell.
  28. "PASSAT-TANKS" module:

  29. Calculation of total load on the foundation (wall+head) has been added;
  30. Material of anchors ("bar chairs”), for material intensity calculation, has been added;
  31. Insulation is now displayed on the wall and roof.

    BASIC module:

  1. Hydrostatic pressure is not considered for some types of flat heads. Fixed.
  2. At calculation of some nozzle configurations as per ASME, “File not found” message has been displayed. Fixed.
  3. Loads on nozzle in automatic calculation mode have been always calculated in tie-in points (in excess). Fixed.
  4. We have deleted redundant check of spherical head beading as per ASME, when there is no beading.
  5. We have considered “Amendments No. 1” to RD 26-01-149-84 (calculations of jackets from longitudinal semi-pipes).
  6. Axial force sign has been considered wrongly at calculation of flange joint loads. Fixed.

  8. We have fixed errors in delineation of some configurations of tube sheets.
  9. Check “sp >= h” for welded tube sheet is now removed.

    BASIC module:

  1. We have introduced changes in database of standard saddle supports as per OST 26-2091-93 (width of foundation plate and distance between the anchor bolts).
  2. We have fixed problems with data checking at joining of detachable covers to the conical transitions.
  3. We have fixed creation of ring support on the conical shell.

  5. We have fixed problem with fixation of heat exchanger models, due to which in version 2.12 it was impossible to create loading diagrams.
  6. In dialog with tube sheet data, we fixed overlapped cells “sp”, “spn”.
  7. At calculation of heat exchanger flange with U-shaped tubes and welded-in sheet, the pressure was taken as max{pì; pò}, but it should be taken as tube pressure. Fixed.
  8. For heat exchangers with fixed grids and air cooling unit (ACU), we have added an option “Number of start-stop cycles” for calculation of tube welding.
  9. Misprint in calculation of ACU screw plugs is now corrected.

  11. Calculation of convective mass oscillation period is now fixed.

    BASIC module:

  1. New elements were added:
    • Jacket with longitudinal pipes, with calculation as per RD 26-01-149-84;
    • Ring support of vertical vessel, with calculation as per Henry H.Bednar, "Pressure Vessel Design Handbook";
    • Group of stiffening rings;
    • Distributed external load.
  2. We have added calculation of number of the following elements with consideration for cladding layer, as per i. 8.8 GOST R 52857.1:
    • Cylindrical shells;
    • Conical transitions;
    • Dished welded heads;
    • Flat heads without ribs;
    • Detachable covers;
    • Cut-ins;
    • Bends;
    • Heat exchanger shells;
    • Heat exchanger shells;
  3. Material consumption calculation table is now available.
  4. Creation of heat insulation in flanges and detachable covers has been added.
  5. Development of epures and diagrams has been improved.
  6. Updated interface now includes the following improvements:
    • New button "Show heat insulation" has been added.
    • We have developed new, stretching lists of elements for editing, deleting and transferring to Word;
    • We have improved behaviour of the structure tree (when changing model, states of minimized branches are saved);
    • O We have improved behaviour of lists of elements for editing (when updating the model, a cursor does not run to the first element);
    • We have added a panel "Use of materials" with express assessment of material consumption and designation of colors of materials used in construction;
    • We have added a button "Painting per materials", which includes a color mode with painting (filling), in accordance with panel "Use of materials”.
  7. A new option — switching off export of heat insulation, lining and fastening has been added.
  8. We have added two (2) variants of formula for stiffness parameters of the flanges — with and without corrosion (selected by user).
  9. We have added an option “Stiffening ring" at the less diameter of conical transition.
  10. Now ASME calculations include allowances c1, c2, c3.
  11. We have added a possibility of flanged olet placing on torispherical head.
  12. Database now includes new steels 20ȚŚ, 20ÊÀ, 09ĂŃÍÁÖ (20 JuCh, 20 KA, 09GSNBTs).

  14. An interactive design of tube sheets is now available.
  15. All shell and tube heat exchangers with fixed sheets are combined in the single element, expansion joints and expanders are added as options.
  16. Additional check of stiffness of tube sheets is of advisory nature.
  17. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  18. We have added variant of supporting node with knee plates as per RTM 26-111-72.

    BASIC module:

  1. A slow algorithm for spiral channel creation is now fixed.
  2. In some cases, weight of the jacket spiral channel was calculated incorrectly. Fixed.
  3. We have added checks for self-intersection of the spiral channel of jacket.
  4. We have fixed creation of stiffening ribs on the flat head, when the ribs are above the central weldolet.
  5. Doubling of flexibility formula of gasket within flange joints is now removed.
  6. We have added calculation of elliptic cross-walls, in case the sign "Presence of tests" is indicated at least on the one side (earlier the calculation was performed only if the sign was indicated on both sides).

    "PASSAT-Tanks" module:

  1. In calculation of the tank element’s barycentre, there was a bug starting from version 2.11. Fixed.

    BASIC Module:

  1. Model rebuilding algorithm has been improved (earlier in yellow and green modes there were different calculation results for elements masses).
  2. We have fixed bugs in calculation of nozzle according to ASME VIII-I (allowance for corrosion as per UG-16(b), thickness as per UG-45).
  3. We have fixed a problem with opening some files of the previous version.
  4. We have unlocked calculation of austenitic steels in corrosion environment, by agreement with developers of GOST R 52857-2007.
  5. There was no option of calculation of the small end of conical transition as per ASME VIII-1. Fixed.
  6. In calculation of conical transition as per ASME VIII-1, a note UG-32 (g) is now considered.
  7. At calculation of elements according to WRC 537 (107), calculation was interrupted, if breaking point of material at high temperature wasn't specified. Fixed (breaking point at 20 ?C is taken).
  8. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  9. Total allowance of the supporting ring wasn’t used in calculation (total allowance of the supporting shell was taken instead of it). Fixed.

    BASIC Module:

  1. Program failure, while attempting to select a flange from database in English mode, has been fixed.
  2. Misprints in symbols of nozzle welds (3) are corrected.
  3. In some cases, selection of negative allowance for plates wasn’t available. Fixed.
  4. For material SA-312 TP321 (welded pipe), allowable stresses were not taken from database. Fixed.
  5. At calculation of some types of flanged olets, the report included symbols ##, and an excess message about the unfound file was displayed. Fixed.
  6. Formulas in calculation of saddle support as per ASME were not displayed. Fixed.

  8. For heat exchangers of air cooling unit (ACU), there was no automatic calculation of the number of tubes at the pitch change. Fixed.

    BASIC Module:

  1. Calculation of elements as per ASME VIII is implemented:
    • Cylindrical shells from external loads;
    • Cylindrical shells at locations of saddle supports;
    • Cylindrical, U-jackets, spiral and register channels.
  2. For calculation of shells in places of load application, WRC 537 (replacing WRC 107) is implemented.
  3. New elements were added:
    • Supporting lugs on the shell and head (with calculation as per WRC 537);
    • Areas of connection with load (with calculation as per WRC 537), with possibility of load transferring to the supports;
    • Fixing of the vessel at an arbitrary point.
  4. Calculation of weights and centres of gravity per the elements and for the vessel as a whole is implemented.
  5. Calculation of test pressure per elements is implemented.
  6. Help System has been improved; contextual fetching of the relevant sections from the dialogues has been implemented.
  7. Calculation of filling is reworked using geometric kernel functions. visual representation of filling as translucent volume of product is implemented.
  8. Standard element selection database has been improved:
    • A common database for selection of pipes is created (ASME B36.10M-2004, GOST 10704-91, GOST 18482-79, GOST 20295-85, GOST 32528-2013, GOST 3262-75, GOST 33228-2015, GOST 494-90 , GOST 550-75, GOST 8732-78, GOST 8734-75, GOST 9940-81, GOST 9941-81);
    • A flat steel database is created (GOST 19904-74, GOST 19903-74);
    • Accordingly, selection of standard shells, tubes, coils, tubular steel structures, negative allowances have been updated;
    • Combined selection of flanges and pipes is now implemented;
    • Selection of negative allowances for heads, skirt elements and nozzles is added;
    • Consideration for changes to GOST 33259-2015 (ISS 23.040.60) is now added.
    • Selection of saddle support is now fixed (there was an error in thickness of the supporting plate).
  9. External loads can be now set for any nozzle, not only for the radial one (for transferring to the supports and exporting to “Nozzle-FEM”).
  10. When creating necks, procedure limitations, instead of restrictions, are made as warnings.
  11. We have implemented a system for automatic backup and recovery of files, in the event of an abnormal termination of the program.
  12. Parameters Py, Dy for flange were cleared, when copying-pasting. Fixed.
  13. Now the program works faster: At group editing or deleting of elements, a rebuilding is performed for once only.

  15. For air coolers, the following options are added:
    • To specify individually the materials of the element walls;
    • To specify individually the allowances, negative tolerances;
    • To specify negative tolerances from database;
    • Calculation of screw plugs with estimation of torque value is now added;
    • Analytical model of type 3, as per RD RTM 26-13-79, is now added;
    • Calculation of holes in cast and stamped covers has been added.
  16. We have added calculation of cylindrical shells of columns vessels (towers) from influence of external loads as per PRESSURE VESSEL DESIGN HANDBOOK», Henry H. Bednar.
  17. "PASSAT-Tanks" module:

  18. Option “Skylight” for conical roof has been added.

    BASIC Module:

  1. We have fixed problems, concerning geometric kernel with exporting to IGES format that have encountered in version
  2. We have improved algorithm of developing of beaded tie-ins, for correct building of straight tees.
  3. Estimation of axial force for flanges in the mode of automatic calculation of loads is now fixed.
  4. Tube thickness check as per RD 26-18-8-89 has been abandoned for the tubes welded in the flat covers.
  5. We have fixed a calculation of value l1, for calculation of the ring stiffness factor.

  7. We have fixed a bug — when calculating heat exchanger including seismicity, a pressure set by user was changed (for insignificant value).

    BASIC Module:

  1. Some nozzle configurations in version were processed incorrectly, (led to considerable excess of period of free oscillations). Fixed.
  2. A restriction for one (1) saddle support is now removed (a user can set more).
  3. We have fixed a program behaviour, when opening file by double-clicking (in the absence of the license, a user is advised to set up a key, and the program icon is displayed in the taskbar).
  4. At operation of detachable flat cover, calculation of the flange part is performed now (earlier the calculation hasn’t been performed at all, in accordance with GOST R 52857.2).

  6. At seismic calculation of the flat detachable cover, symbols ## were displayed in the report. Fixed.

    BASIC Module:

  1. Flanges as per GOST 33259-2015 have been added to database;
  2. We have fixed a problem with copying elements from one vessel to another — previously when copying, general data settings had been transferred together with the element;
  3. We have adjusted database for sight windows (wrong flange thickness was selected for one standard (typical) size);
  4. We have fixed a misprint in calculation of detachable flat cover (factor F, does not affect an accuracy of result);
  5. In the calculation of flat cover as per ASME, symbols [ĂĄ] have been changed to S;
  6. Error in calculating of flat cover as per ASME has been fixed (now allowable stresses are taken not at operating, but at tightening temperature);
  7. Gasket selection database operation has been adjusted (sometimes wrong sizes could be assigned, starting from version;
  8. Calculation of distance between the flange faces, when selecting oval gasket, has been improved;
  9. We have fixed selection of fasteners diameter, when defining manholes as per OST (previously hole diameter had been selected);
  10. Presentation of secondary stresses calculation as per ASME has been improved.

  12. In the air-cooling unit (ACU) chamber with separating walls, their thickness was not considered during calculation of distance to the last separation wall. Fixed.

    BASIC Module:

  1. In version a bug has been fixed, because of which a wrong Type/Grade was selected for material, not the one that was intended by a drop-down list of the database.

    BASIC module:

  1. Material database operation has been improved (now material can be selected much faster);
  2. For nozzles, a new option “Calculation in corrosive environment as per RD 26-02-62” is added (earlier calculation has been always performed automatically);
  3. For flanges, a new option “Allowance for loads as per David Moss” at calculation according to ASME VIII-1 has been added;
  4. Open format file has been amended by a new section with apparatus general data;
  5. When copying elements, copying of color attribute is now available;
  6. Fields “Object name” and “Installation name” have been transferred from the general data dialog to boilerplate text filling at report generation. Parameters “Order number”, “Order name”. “Calculation number”, “Organization” and “City” are now connected with the model file;
  7. Line deleting error in the user’s table of materials has been fixed;
  8. At the report output for flanges in the input data section, now corrosion allowance defined by user is always displayed (earlier the output has responded to check “Make allowance for corrosion at stiffness calculation”, it has no influence to accuracy of calculation);
  9. Dimension of nominal pressure (PN) has been corrected in gasket database as per BS EN 1514;
  10. Value s1 has been corrected in flange database as per BS EN 1092, type 11;
  11. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  12. At calculation of supporting assembly, skirt properties have been calculated at the skirt temperature. Corrected, now properties are calculated at the temperature of supporting assembly;

  14. Pipe grid displaying has been fixed, for sp < h;
  15. For heat exchangers with U-shaped tubes and tube grids welded to flanges, parameters DB, spn are added;
  16. Generation of summary table for heat exchangers with U-shaped tubes and floating heads has been also added.

    BASIC module:

  1. Calculation of the following elements as per ASME VIII (2013) Div.1 is implemented:
    • Cylindrical shells (smooth and reinforced by stiffening rings);
    • Conical transitions with end fixing nodes;
    • Dished heads (spherical, elliptic, toroidal, conical);
    • Flat heads;
    • Reinforcements of holes;
    • Detachable covers (flat, spherical, elliptic);
    • Calculation of combined flanges as per ASME VIII (2013) Div.1 / Div.2 is added.
  2. Standard element database is now extended as follows:
    • Apparatus flanges as per ASME B16.47 are added;
    • Spiral wounded gaskets (SWG) as per GOST R 52376-2005 are added;
    • Bolts material properties as per ST TsKBA (Central Design Bureau Standard, CDBA) 012-2005 are added;
    • Anchor bolts properties as per GOST R 51274-99 are added;
    • Flange inside diameters from ASME are defined in accordance with ASME B 16.34 (Table A-1);
    • Database for selection of saddle supports has been improved.
  3. Report generator has been improved. Doubling of lines in summary tables is now removed;
  4. A new option, quick model rebuilding by means of OpenGL, is now available;
  5. When editing model, analysis of changes is now available; at the constant geometry, model rebuilding is not performed;
  6. When exporting solid model, merging of components in assemblies with names is now available;
  7. When exporting solid model, definition of details density parameter is now available;
  8. For new vessels, option "Exclude corrosion in test mode" has been added;
  9. Option of relocation of child elements in the model tree within the same hierarchical layer has been added;
  10. Many captions in dialogues were not displayed completely, fixed;
  11. Method of nozzles designation has been improved (assignment + label);
  12. Material database is physically divided into standard and user parts. This will allow saving the material library at the change of program version;
  13. At calculation of horizontal vessels on supports, calculation of reinforcement of conical elements hasn’t been reported, now it is fixed.
  14. "PASSAT-COLUMNS" module:

  15. “Foundation anchorage" and “Rigid weightless base” options are added.

  17. Pressure calculation of expander is added.

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